Chernobyl the Secret – Peace No More

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Chernobyl the Secret – „Peace No More“ Official Music Video – A KrankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Since 2013, Chernobyl The Secret has consistently climbed their way to the top of the local scene, in Austin, Texas. Since their debut EP in 2016, Chernobyl The Secret continues to battle the road to success. The band has taken every interstate opportunity to tour and grind out shows, building their dedicated fanbase. In October of 2017, Chernobyl The Secret just released their new envelope pushing, head thrashing, follow-up EP, called ‘Shedding the Chrysalis’ available now on all digital retailers.

Director Name: CJ Cerulean
Director Link:
Producer Name: Tony Esparza
Producer Link:

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: „Peace No More“

I think we’ve failed here.
Why do we needlessly suffer?
Ruthless ones lay claim to the world leaving scraps for our brittle bones.
Can we change course before we are lost as sea?
Can we be more than the pain that we seek?
Myopic tendencies deplete the fruit of the world that we seek to reap.
We’ve traded in our sense of decency.
Replaced it with a need to satiate our greed.
Low frequency of thought is now all too commonplace.
Are we to remain blind to the fate that we face?
Can we change course before we are lost at sea?
Can we be more than the pain that we seek?
Fall of humanity.
Finality for all humanity.

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