Dance Gavin Dance – Care


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For now we’ll lay by the ocean
For now no one is around
For now we’ll act we’re still young
For now we’ll never come down

I know you’re not empty
I know you’re still there 

I know you’re not empty
I know 

You still care 

I remember you back in the day
Prodigy show 2003
We were camping out in Jnco jeans
The ecstasy was super clean

Higher than all of their voices
Higher than fading away
Got lost, lost in the moment
Got lost in tempting our fate

And you can rub it in my face
Sabotage all my connections
The Parasites won’t go away
They live inside you
Got nothing clean for you to taint
Already gave you a confession
Propagating every consequence
Til hate consumes you

I never wanted to be caught up in not looking back
I never wanted to be treated like a psycho
I never wanted to be singing about you again
I couldn’t face another second of the vacant threats
I couldn’t shuffle through pieces of my costume
I never wanted to be singing about you again

God damn
You caught me looking back
God damn
With no discretion
God damn
You got me going mad
God damn
It’s an obsession

Directed by Max Moore
Production: VILAS Entertainment

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