Novosadski melodični hardcore pank bend First Flame trenutno snima novi album, pod nazivom Embrace, koji bi trebao da ima 11 pesama. Snimaće ga tokom januara i februara, a u martu bi trebao da se pojavi na disku u izdanju SKC Novi Sad. Ovo će biti prvo dugosvirajuće izdanje benda, nakog debi EP-ja Above The Clouds koji je oduševio publiku.

Evo i teksta jedne od novih pesama:


THIS IS THE END!   And new beginning, new chapter of our life’s.
THIS IS THE REASON!   Why today we still stand, all together with opened minds.

It’s time to see THE TRUTH!
It’s time to let go THE PAST!
This has gone TOO FAR!
And now it’s time to stop.

With all my heart, my body, and mind
within all three worlds, space, and all time…

AFFECTION … start and never give up.

Peaceful hours. Silence only to be heard.
That is when I, feel the presence.
Never to fade. Always to last.

It’s hard to let go, makes me also scared
I’ve been asking myself, the same question.

It’s hard to let go, but together
we can make small steps, into forever…

PAIN IN MY CHEST!  Fast blood streams, feelings hunt me, make my heart beat.
MOMENTS OF MEANING!  Only you understand, and say: “ Don’t loose yourself “


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