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Your Demise - Burnt Tongues

Kreirao/la Oresh
Kreirano 09. 10. 10.
101 voljenih, 81 nevoljenih


INFO AND LYRICS : HIGH DEFINTION VERSION HERE: YOUR DEMISE release BURNT TONGUES, the first video to be taken from their incredible debut album IGNORANCE NEVER DIES out 20th April through Visible Noise. The video was directed by Stuart Birchall and filmed in St Albans in the woods and at The Point. Check out an interview with Rock Sound about the video here: YOUR DEMISE tour Europe and UK in April/May 09. See for more info and tourdates. LYRICS: look me in the eyes, swallow your pride. tell me what you think of me. Can't you see all I need, is a breath of fresh air from the bullshit you keep feeding me I'm know I'm a suspect as much as a victim at least i've got the balls admit after all that I said after all that I've done I still know I'm this piece of shit So go ahead and tell me I can see it on your lips you've always burned by the warmth from us all and now your shoulders chipped. spit your rage, speak your fire, let the flames of hatred hit me. Burn me all you like let the flames lick higher It's all whats left that I need Now when was it ever about taking sides? everyones had enough of you I've seen the monster you've become after all the shit we've been put through Everyone has to fucking talk Everyone has to say their piece No one can take a moment to feel what I feel No one gets to chance talk Nobody gets to say their piece Your burning tongue won't let a single person get a word out Now nobody's left to burn they've all packed and left you can't you see we put all effort in now I don't know where to begin convincing you that your not who you think you are you're just your best friends enemy You can't look me in the eyes, You can't swallow your pride tell me what you think of me can't you see all I need is a breath of fresh air from your indecency
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