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Zombie Fight - Reconnect

Kreirao/la Oresh
Kreirano 08. 08. 13.
115 voljenih, 78 nevoljenih


Zombie Fight - \"Reconnect\" from Alive and Well EP - Free download available at Dir/ Edited by: Shadow The Great contact @ - Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je videli. Recorded/Mixed by: Lee Weinberg - Locations - Astoria Soundworks, Queens NY and Hank\'s Saloon, Brooklyn NY Cast = One-Man Arsenal,Lady Arsenal,Larry Left (Yo! Scunt) & Evan Schweitzer Lyrics: Let\'s pick up, Where we left off Some things just never change. Let\'s meet where we used to Let me know what\'s on your mind I know it\'s been awhile but my hand\'s are still open for you. I know you\'ve been troubled should have never hesitated to reach out to me I\'m on your side. Life\'s hard no need to go at it alone good times we\'ve shared may be in the past this bond we have will always last these feelings will never fade. Let me know what I can do consider your problems mine I won\'t leave you standing in this corner I know that you\'d be in mine. I won\'t let you destroy your future Cause I know, you\'d save mine So tell me everything that\'s wrong Tell me, Tell me Don\'t Hold Back Don\'t Hold Back Don\'t Hold Back I Won\'t Let You Fall I Won\'t Let You Fall Alone I Won\'t Let You Fall At All
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