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Trash Union - Piercing The Silence

Kreirao/la Oresh
Kreirano 27. 10. 16.
271 voljenih, 249 nevoljenih


Directed and Produced by Trash Union and KrisOne
Filmed by Zoran Torđan & Aleksandar Kurbalija
Special thanks to Beo Wallz graffiti store:

Almex-IPOK factory:

Dark side of mind, perception's set to low
Falling into sleep, dream is coming on, won't let you go

Losing sense for time, dividing real from unreal
Drowning in so deep, still resisting with no chance
Hibernation as a state flawless mind
Constructing world where everything works just fine
Creating better life on weak foundations
Waiting for miracle to give a resurrection

Inhale the breath that gives a sense of life
Exhale the demons that are possessing your mind
With pure conscience cleansed and saved from doom
Engage your brain and define new directions
Un-dock the leash that is squeezing your neck tight
Push back harder and let the wraith die
Perfect time to set right our damaged past
New chance to take back what is stolen from us

Shades of wasted life and broken hopes, twisted into eternal black out
Still hunting frauds, still waking the dead denying ignorance of city that is already shot.
I want a brother in arms that I can count on!
That’s the way I see our future.
Stop talking about changing anything, collect guts and move you fucking ass.

Open up your eyes, unleash the beast inside, false predictions blocking your mind
Most are acting blind but some will share your side, every decade brings a misery we must overcome
Scratch the surface, tear your shattered skin, find the meaning of existence indeed
I know you never will, do it by yourself, comprehend and dig credence that’s beneath
I can do this preaching every time you feel down and low
To give advice as much you can bear, but you'd rather not
So many songs are talking about everything that you ever thought about
And you still finding damn excuses to escape reading our inheritance

One in a million ain’t that fucking hard
Living a life that is brought by hypocrites
Refusing to adopt that kind of nowadays
Piercing the silence in spite of being deaf!
Take a tour through the eyes of over lives, all you will see is wasted youth with no results
Never ending movie with same old guiding roles, leading butchered people to predicted downfall
No, brother, I don’t want to give up on you…
Don’t want to waste another decade, doing nothing, being a fucking hypocrite!
Every day’s surviving for what’s remain, millions are waiting for miracle to come
Don't embarrass yourself, stop whining all the time, choose a way and keep a head on track
Singing about how blind man damaged our past…
And I want to ask you something…
Am I doing something wrong preaching again and again?...

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