Mayday Parade – Piece Of Your Heart


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Give me your misery, all of it give it to me
I can hold onto it for you, it’s not a problem
I just want your energy, a piece of that fractured mountain
I’ll take whatever comes with it as long as it’s yours
All I know is that I want it more than yesterday
If I was waiting, I was waiting for just one little spark
You are the brightest I’ve seen
You are the best side of me
And just for when we’re apart
I’ve got a piece of your heart
But I want the whole damn thing
I feel it inside of me, I feel it inside of you too
Seeing forever this downcast blade from the sky
Could never sever through, not what we have me and you
Burning together and burning forever
I don’t know, I just can feel it in the atmosphere
If I’m wandering, I’ve wandered into just the right spot
You are the fire in my sleep
You are the reason I dream
And just for when we’re apart
I’ve got a piece of your heart
Say hello to all my problems for me
Tell them sorry, I can’t be around anymore
The years will go on, we’ll get older and then we’ll die
But we’ll get by
And it goes on forever just like this
If I could go back, I would do it all over with you again

Directed by: Miguel Barbosa – Yeah Films

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