Post Season – Long Shot, Lost Cause


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Long Shot, Lost Cause

The world’s on my back again and I’ve been a head case most days. And I know how you hate all the repartee but I can’t keep it contained. It keeps slipping off my tongue and the taste is so addicting. I’m chasing the answer to the ringing in my head.

I’ve been on the edge again; I’ve been nothing but a long shot lost cause, fighting like hell to keep afloat. I heard everything they said, that I’m nothing but a long shot lost cause, doing more damage than good.

I never told you this was easy. I never thought I’d settle down until you slid yourself inside my heart and I could use your smile now. You know it picks me up when I’ve been down and each mile marker pulls me down. You are the answer to the ringing in my head.

… And I just wanna say the things I know I should, but these days my confidence comes off as arrogant and I’m a long shot lost cause doing more damage than good.

I’ll press my stress into the palm of my hands until my fingertips turn pale. Thought I’d be infatuated with the thrill of the chase until the blood in me ran stale. See, I was never concerned with how much money I earn but I just need to pay my bills, so I’m selling front row tickets to the end of my wits cause I know how the world just loves to watch me fail.

And it’s so damn sickening how this world gets off on misery.

… But I’m pushing back just like I knew I always could, so curb your ignorance. I’m fucking over it. I’m not a long shot lost cause. I’m an underdog through and through.

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