Settle Your Scores – Stuck In The Suburbs


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Produced By: Johnny Franck

I set sail for certain disaster. With every move I make the clock ticks faster. But there’s still so many places I’ll never see and too many moments that I should have seized. So when I’m laying on my deathbed looking back at the life I’ve led will I hold my head with pride? Or will my shortcomings eat me up inside? There’s gotta be more to life than paying bills and waiting to die. I want to do more than just survive. I wanna feel alive. I’m looking back, looking back. Back on everything I never did and all the things that I should have said. I’m thinking back, thinking back. Back to when I had a perfect shot but I didn’t take it. Was I too scared or just lazy? Either way my mistakes still haunt me. Everyone else has it all figured out but I’m still stuck in the suburbs. I’ve got too much time to ponder. And as my thoughts race I start to wonder what I could have done differently. And what caliber of man I’d be. And so I’ll waste my breath on another distraction. Anything to keep myself from self-reflection. All I do is sit and complain as I watch all my best years circle the drain. Don’t wanna lead a life so ordinary. On the contrary I just wanna be able to say I spent my time doing something worthwhile. I just wanna be able to say I fully lived my life.

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