Teenage Bottlerocket – I Wanna Be a Dog


Off ‘Stay Rad’ released March 15th 2019.
Order: https://fatwreck.com/collections/all-releases/products/stay-rad
Tour: https://fatwreck.com/pages/tour-dates?filter=teenage_bottlerocket

[open-ended] films
Directed by Shaun Michael Colón
Cinematography by Joel C. Herrera
Produced by Miguel Chen & Brad Bevill

I wanna be a dog I wanna lay around all day
Don’t want to be part of the stupid games that people play
I wanna be a dog throw all my cares away
Can’t wait for you to get back home so that we can play

I wanna be a dog, a dog

I wanna be a dog you can teach me how to beg
I’ll lick my balls and then when you get home I’ll hump your leg
I wanna be a dog just don’t be cruel to me
Don’t want to be in one of those commercials on tv

I’ll always curl up by your side when I’ve seen all the tears you’ve cried
I’ll sleep next to you at night scratch my ears and hold me tight
I wanna be the best fucking friend you’ve ever had cause you’re so rad

I wanna be a dog

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