Thrice – The Dark


„The Dark“ by Thrice from the album ‘Palms,’ available September 14th
Pre-order at

Video by Eric Richter
Footage courtesy of Gentle Giant Digital and Justin Mabie
Studio location: Palmquist Studios


You try to keep me out of sight and out of mind. You try to keep me from the light, but I know it’s mine. You’re rigging the game, you’re part of the system; it shows in the way that you never
listen when I speak. I’m not gonna wait – I’ve made my decision – and I’m not gonna sit in the
dark anymore. No I’m not gonna sit in the dark anymore. You’re always telling me I’m not enough, but I’m enough. You’re always turning back the clock, but time is up. We’ve taken our
knocks – we’re not gonna take them anymore. We’re not gonna stop ‘cause we’ve seen a world
worth fighting for. Ready or not – together we’re kicking down the door. And we’re not gonna sit
in the dark anymore.

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