Kobold – Deus Ex


Kobold performing the song „DEUS EX“© from the album „Masterpace“ 2019.

Label: Iron, Blood and Death corp
Origin: Serbia
Genre: Speed Metal

Contact page: https://www.facebook.com/KoboldCrew/
Bandcamp: https://koboldthrash.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-4791164

Camera: Jovan Mihajlović
Drone camera & special effects: Filip Simić
Video post-production: Elio Rigonat & Marko Stefanović
Music recorded in studio Citadela Sound Production in Belgrade in November 2018.
Produced by Kobold
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Luka „Tower“ Matković


Elio Rigonat – Vocals & Guitar
Marko Stefanović – Drums
Stefan Stanojević, aka „Edwin Pickett“ – Bass

Divine intervention, to stop the contravention
It was their intention, to deal with inattention

The trains ran out of steam
As they have milked their scheme
When the engine failed
They’ve jumped off and bailed

Denial, Deus Ex!

Stranded in the desert, blinded by precept
“Deus Ex won’t come to thee”, they cannot accept
Rocking the wagons is not what moves the train
Any course of action has long become in vain

Divine consecration, incorporeal castration
They’ve been sentenced to damnation, before the final station

When the rocking stopped
They’ve looked out dejected
Black pill has been dropped
Their fears became projected

Slithered up the world tree again
Signifying another cycle’s end
What once usurped shall return with rain
Purged by thunder it’s the only way

Winter has come
As the ancient prophecies foretold
Never-ending blizzard chills the bones
In frigid darkness, everything will drown
The Sun will shine when everything is gone

Denial, Deus Ex!

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