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5. aprila 2020.
Slušaj za dž

Slušaj za dž

All Except One – No End of Hatred EP

No End of Hatred EP by All Except One

Koyo – Painting Words Into Lines

Painting Words Into Lines by Koyo

Trophy Jump / afewyearslater – Split EP

Split EP /w AFYL by Trophy Jump

Everfresh – Forever

Forever by EVERFRESH

Blacked Out – Wasted Breath

Wasted Breath by Blacked Out

Debt Cemetary – Dig It Yourself

Dig It Yourself by Debt Cemetary

Nothing To Say – Inteligencia Artificial

inteligencia artificial by nothing to say

Hightime – Thrive

Thrive by HIGHTIME

Lastkaj 14 – Speglar och rök

Speglar och rök by Lastkaj 14

Clear Lines – Places To Go

Places To Go by Clear Lines

Zombies No – All You Can Hate

ALL YOU CAN HATE by Zombies No

Sonofabeat – Back To Reality

Back To Reality by Sonofabeat

Bates Motel & Stone Leek – 6613 Miles

6613 MILES by Bates Motel & Stone Leek

Fizzgigs – Weeeeeeeeeeeee are the Fizzgigs

Weeeeeeeeeeeee are the Fizzgigs by Fizzgigs

Eat Defeat – Go Outside

Go Outside by Eat Defeat

Pain Relief – The King Has Fallen

The King Has Fallen by Pain Relief

Verbal Razors – By Thunder and Lightning

By Thunder and Lightning by Verbal Razors

Quaranteens – Where’s My Shirt?

Where’s My Shirt? by Quaranteens