69 enfermos – Don’t


Album „THEY CAME FROM FASTER SPACE“ Split w/ Symphony of Distraction
Remixed & Remastered Version by Augusto Haack
Morning Wood Records 2018
Director: Roberto Dominguez


Everything about the way it is, 
It’s driving me insane 
This is what they call democracy 
They should be ashamed 

Don’t try to hide away from me 
Your bloody filthy hands 
That anyone can see 

Don’t even try to say to me 
This is the promised land 
This is the way to live 

Everything about the way they are 
Is toxic, makes me sick 
(We don’t need them) 
They remind me of Robin Hood 
But serving the rich 

Oh. I won’t give up until i see you’re over 
The day is coming and you’ll see the end 
The day is coming! Oh, i swear 

„No matter where you go, no matter how much people earn, no matter what the political systems are, corruption is to be found everywhere. Maybe more less blatantly, maybe in different guises but in many ways it seems that corruption is the norm and not the exception“ (Lucy Koechlin)


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