August Burns Red – Dangerous


August Burns Red – Dangerous
From the album ‘Phantom Anthem’
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Video by: Samuel Halleen

The end will come.
Some will say the end will come, but I know it’s never ending.
Words give meaning to my thoughts.
What gives meaning to this feeling?
I know what I did.
I know what I said.
It’s dangerous, so dangerous.
I’ve made friends with a stranger, and it’s endangering us.
When what you love is taken away you realize what you’re made of.
You’ll have to find your way.
You’ll have to scream and claw at the air.
You strapped your pack to your back, and all the weight is yours to bear.
The help we find is the hope we need.
It’s the hand that guides us back.
We can will ourselves to remember our word, but we all too quickly forget.
Along the way I got lost.
Now the way back home is overgrown.
This isn’t an addictive thought.
It’s a ravenous feeling.
Conviction must be greater than life’s afflictions.
I follow in my own footsteps rather than following classical conditioning.
I wish I had the will to keep my word.
I’m looking back to face what’s ahead.
It’s dangerous.
I faced danger and it finally fled.

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