Bankrupt – Need Your Brain


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Recorded by Péter Csobánczi @TrashHill Studio

Messed me up and ruined my life
Then took control of me
Every time I talk to you ’s like a lobotomy

It only makes you stronger
That’s what they always say
Do I look like Dwayne Johnson?
Cos you wreck me every day

Need your brain
Need your brain
Need your brain in my head now
So I can think again
/Are you in for a transplant
Before I go insane?

You messed me up and ruined my life
So what? It’s fine with me
After all, you should accept
My apology

Ideas are trouble
Just tell me what to do
Your obedient zombie
Will blindly follow you

This video montage contains excerpts from the following cult movies: Frankenhooker, The Man With Two Brains, and Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter.
Make sure to watch them in their entirety!

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