Chaser – 2020


Official music video for „2020“, the first single off the highly anticipated and upcoming new album by CHASER.

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Now here we go again the story of our lives.
It’s clear to see we’re finally at the end of times.
Regressing when we’ve come so far, a generation woke
Waiting for the punchline now because this has got to be a joke.
How’s this reality now? You think that we can’t see now?
The ones who pull the strings get off at our expense.
You’ve got the money, but we have the common sense.
Poverty, inequality and climate change deny.
Claiming that we thrive and yet we’re only trying to survive.
Our vision is so clear now. What you don’t want to hear now.
Despite the progress made, we’re going backwards every single day.
Had to see it to believe it’s real. We’ve got a lot to say this time with all the fuel that you provide.

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