CHASER – A New Direction


Official music video for „A New Direction“, the second single off the highly anticipated and upcoming new album by CHASER.

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The water’s rising, the debts are unpaid
We’re left to clean the messes you’ve made
And the culprit’s clear, the aftermath is near.
Society is coming unglued.
We’re ticking time bombs long overdue
And we’ve yelled for years, it fell upon deaf ears now.
And you can bet your ass it’s coming.
Better head for the hills, start running now.
Set a course for a new direction
Welcome to the resurrection.
Take the reins this is your tomorrow.
Be the change, be the one we follow now.
Buckle up hit it head on, you’ll find we are in for one hell of a ride.
A house of cards with shattered windows.
The plot is rigged about to implode
And it’s all for greed. It’s modern slavery.
Starving on home grown dilemmas
We’ll feed the wolves their own agendas
And it’s all in vain. The ones you cannot save now.
And as the day turns into night, it gives us one last hope.
That in the morning, we’ll arise and get down from that rope.
You have a purpose in this life on a road you’ve yet to pave.
You’ve got something to say.
We are the one you cannot save
This is the resurrection.
You’ve set a new direction.
Despite our best intentions
You’ve got no one to save.

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