Dropkick Murphys „Middle Finger“ (Music Video)


From the forthcoming album TURN UP THAT DIAL – out April 30.
Preorder the album: https://dropkick.ffm.to/tutd

Directed by Kes Glozier @kesglozier

Produced by DOGBOY Pictures

Narrative photographed by Marc Swadel.
DKM performance photographed by Eira Wyn Jones

Cut by Meg Thorne (The Quarry)

Boy: Blue Brierley
Angry Man: Tony Lane

1st AC: Cristina Cretu
2nd AC: Ines Duarte
Gaffer: Yan Murawski
Spark: Rob Gifford
Runner 1: Tequisha Guerna
Runner 2: Maggie Rose

With thanks to Samantha Wolf and Mary Calderwood.
Special thanks to Merlin Glozier and Bec Carew.

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