Every Time I Die – It Remembers (feat. Brendon Urie)


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„It Remembers“ by Every Time I Die from the album ‘Low Teens,’ available now
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Directed by Brandon Dermer


I brought a rumor when I came down from the mountain that spread quicker than the fire in your eyes. Heaven won’t let me in. I took my medicine. Salt water couldn’t quench my thirst at the fountain. Burn slow. Theres no rush. You’re right. Always right. I want oblivion all the time, mindless son of the eternal shine. It snuck up like a desert wind. I got a feeling I wont feel again. When faith abandons me I hope it does it honestly. I still howl like an animal in the darkness and I’m reminded by the blood on my clothes. I can’t stand what I’ve become. I’m shivering to spite the sun. We come together and we’re overwhelmed by the loneliness. I want oblivion all the time. Burn slow. Theres no rush. You’re right. Always right. I thought I settled my debts that night on the ride home. But I have still got hell to pay.

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