Fair Do’s – Closing In


‘Closing In’ is the First Single taken from Fair Do’s first full-length album, Leopards, released on the 27th of July 2018.

„Thanks to Cookie for being a brutal director, kicking us into line and getting paint in our eyes.“ – Fair Do’s x


Track Produced by Dave Boothroyd – http://www.reelrecordingstudio.com/dave-boothroyd/
Mastered by Daryl Phenneger – http://a1a.smithandsurrency.com/


It’s easy to forget about the things
You thought were real
Clarity will come in time
Perceptions always changing
You can’t help the way you feel
You don’t have to make up your mind

Please don’t take me away from this place
I couldn’t cope, surrounded by warmth and inspiration
When I look at the smile on your face it gives me hope
To reach for the horizon and beyond

One mistake could be all it takes
You’ve got to pick yourself up
Never live in the shadows of regret
A sudden lack of concentration clouds my mind
The wounds will heal once they have bled

So let it go
These antagonistic undertones
In addition to deceit and lies
Will only stand to compromise
The reconstruction of the heart and soul
And in light of this new state of mind
You hold on tight or fall behind

Make a move and choose it wisely
This could be your defining moment
Far beyond, looking into the eyes of the world rejects
At no cost risk adverse effect
Allow yourself some time to reflect

It’s not my imagination that makes me feel alive
Now I look forward to the sunshine when I see red skies at night
Day by day I’ll find my way
Piece by piece I state my case
We’ve got the wind in our sails and we’re closing in
This time it won’t go pear shaped

Closing statements favour and uphold
Obligations that will validate and acknowledge
It was worth the wait

Prethodni članakObscura – Mortification of The Vulgar Sun
Sledeći članakEXIT festival, I dan @ Petrovaradinska tvrđava, 12.jul 2018.

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