Fake Names – Brick


„Brick“ by Fake Names from the self-titled album, available May 8th
Pre-order the album here: https://fakenames.ffm.to/fakenames

Directed by Jason Farrell
Live footage by Chris Parks And Pilar Miyasato

Recorded by Geoff Sanoff at Renegade Sound Studios NY & Little Eden Studio Asbury Park NJ (2017-19).
Additional recording by Mark Goodell and Sohrab Habibion at Seaside Lounge Studios Brooklyn NY. Produced by Fake Names.
Mixed by Geoff Sanoff and Michael Hampton.
Mastered by Jason Livermore. Matt Schulz played the drums. No synthesizers.


Took down the names of everyone in my little red book
Here comes revenge for everything that you ever took
Shots heard all around the world yeah you’re gonna bleed
Ever seen the face of revolution? It looks like me

You will fall like never before
Statues crumble backed up against the wall
You will pay for what you’ve done
Gonna destroy what you’ve become

Took down the names of everyone

Official Site: https://fakenamesofficial.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fakenamesofficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fakenamesofficial

#fakenames #epitaph

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