Forever Came Calling – Defenseless


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“Defenseless” Lyrics

I just can’t face myself alone.
I opened the window to let the breeze know,
I need to feel at home.
It happened it did, her dress it slid,
deciding to kiss the floorboards again.
She now stands motionless and naked,
I glimpsed the edge but couldn’t take it

Well I’m so defenseless, don’t think that I wouldn’t , but never meant it, I swear I can mend this.

I’ve got a little bit of courage and a head full of smoke, lets see how far I can take this.
I’ve got to focus now on everything that What Matters Most
To gain perspective, stand on edges.
Same mistakes I’ll never make again.

I found the man i thought I was,
learned inside a
A cheap hotel, a borrowed buzz
still couldn’t bring myself to feel that rush
Stomach spilled, I still got my guts
You brought me in with confidence
assuming I would cave to hips, and kiss your lips
My father told me
Honest men, can lie again
And nothings broken you can’t fix.

I fell asleep on the floor again, What did you expect?

I had to gain perspective
You’re not true til tested.
I’m tested.
Same mistakes ill never make again.”

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