Four Year Strong – Talking Myself in Circles


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“Talking Myself In Circles” lyrics

Talk is cheap
You caught me on another losing streak
I wish you didn’t have to watch me bleed
As I pick up all the pieces that are left of me

Trying to look on the upside
but maybe I’m upside down

I tried to fill the space between us
when we were more than just a couple miles apart
Get a map, draw a line that connects You and I
And follow it to the end to start all over again

I keep repeating the same thing without any meaning
Just hoping that it takes me back to the beginning
I just keep talking myself in circles
Talking round and round in circles

What’s with the attitude
How about a little bit of gratitude?
Forgive my sweet and sour point of view
because I already know the truth of what you think of me

Trying to look on the Brightside
maybe I’m just burnt out

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