Heresy of Dreams – Bienvenido al Juego


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Artist city, country: Castellón, Spain

Artist Biography: This five-pieced metal combo was born in Castellón (Spain) and released their debut LP “Nuestra Ley es Esta” through Gateways Productions, earning the respect of their national scene. Now the band joins the rooster of AGR because of the release of their new and second album of studio.
The astonishing combination of Classic Heavy Metal and the young spirit of the band results in this whirlwind called Heresy of Dreams.
After supporting well known acts of the Heavy Metal scene, such as Astral Doors, Striker, Gigatron, Zenobia, Killus or Witchburn, Heresy of Dreams are right now prepared to released their new LP “Ante La Bestia”.

About The Video: „Bienvenido al Juego“ is the second single extracted from Heresy of Dreams’ new album „Ante la Bestia“.

Director Name: Adrián Morote

Label Name: Art Gates Records
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