Kitty in a Casket – „Don’t get me wrong“ Back to Thrill


here is the video clip to „Don’t get me Wrong“ (on the album „Back to Thrill“, Wolverine Records, 2011).
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Camera, Cut & Compositing: Bernie Pfeiffer
Regie & 2nd Camera: Jackie Zottl
Concept Idea: Kitty Casket und Jackie Zottl
KITTY IN A CASKET(Kitty, Billy,Scott, Slappin S), Sarah (hot blond girl), Patrick (the „nerd“), Jackie (the Zombie, drums), Izzy (guitarplayer), Bernie (bassplayer), Oppi (muscle guy), Floppi (muscle guy boss), Sabrina (rockabella), Kerstin (rockabella #1), Julia (rockabella#2), Jakob (people), Theresa (people), Sabine (people), Luki (people), Nina (people).
Location: Riffhead Vienna, and the cat’s home 😉

Prethodni članakDeath By Stereo, Hitman. Dom omladine, Beograd. 28. jun 2011.
Sledeći članakStrung Out na Winner of Belgrade 2011

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