Knuckle Puck – Pretense



I’ll take it inward so no one sees, while you find slumber on tops of trees. And after all of this I still find it hard to breathe. I taught myself things you never did. You need a spine like I need new skin, but neither will ever happen. How dare you guilt me for not sticking around as if you ever did for me? I’ll leave you in the dark with a broken flashlight. You left me with a choice and a pretense. I will not follow in your footsteps. I’ll find a face to call my own, because the mask you wear is all I’ve ever known. Consider this a repercussion of the actions which you were never properly punished for due to an overbearing demeanor brought on by your own self-awareness. Your credibility is a half-empty glass of salt water that I watched you spill over and over and over again. Go ahead, make me the bad guy. So I’ll take what strength I have left, if you could call it that, and I’ll give you time to reflect. Then you can call me back.

Directed by YEAH! Films
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