LATEBLOOM – Your Hopes Are Dead



Composed by: Mlađa Nikolić & Igor Bubulj
Vocals : Mlađa Nikolić
Guitars : Igor Bubulj
Keyboards, samples, SFX : Mlađa Nikolić & Dejan Ilić
Bass guitar: Rodoljub Raičković
Drums: Boris Ždero
Arr: Mlađa Nikolić & Igor Bubulj
Recorded by: Dejan Ilić & Dragan Panjak
Mixed by: Dejan Ilić (Area 15, Obscured, Hollow My Eyes, BlackDivision)
Mastered by: Will Putney (Fit For an Autopsy, Gojira, A Day To Remember)
Lyrics by: HARLI //

Directed: Darko Radovac //

Banging my head against the walls
of prison cell inside my mind,
the numbness fades away
and I feel the consequence

We become addicted to numb,
nobody knows about that,
when we think we are all out
we fall back into it again

So we’ll pretend we falling
just to feel something
thinking we are broken
we just don’t fit in.

I’ll burn myself out till I fade away rise from the dust I’ll reincarnate feel new blood coursing through my veins
eternal spirit, I am here to stay

I don’t want sympathy I just want to be left alone to feel like myself again in this place that I call home.
So much rage in my body that i bottled up away, I try to keep on going but the pain keeps pushing breaks, stuck in a thug of war between who I was and who I am, feeling a need to be released

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