Lovebreakers – Horizons


LOVEBREAKERS formed in 2017 in Birmingham, UK, self-released their debut single Eye Roller, on their DIY label, Sabbath City Records in April 2020.

Following this the band have teamed up with Little Rocket Records to release a second single called, Horizons.

Both songs are taken from their forth coming album Primary Colours.

”Horizons” is a song which refers to a friend, stuck in the reoccurring day to day pattern of living, working and getting older. It’s me saying to him ”just embrace it all, growing up happens to everyone, the past was awesome but don’t dwell on it. Make the future better.”
Jack Perry

Primary Colours, was recorded in Los Angeles California, by Davey Warsop, who is the singer, guitarist and songwriter in Suedehead and Sharp Shock, also from Birmingham, UK.

Lovebreakers are:

Jack – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Christian – Bass
Chino – Lead Guitar
Marcus – Drums

Web Site:

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