New Found Glory – Greatest Of All Time


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Official music video for New Found Glory’s new single „Greatest Of All Time“ off their new album ‘Forever And Ever x Infinity’ – available May 29, 2020 on Hopeless Records!

Directed by @maxmoorefilms
Director of Photography – Nate Spicer


I called you last night, were you asleep?
Or did you let it ring avoiding me?
You said you needed time to think
And space to process what it means
So I wrote it down instead
All the things that night
I would’ve said

I drew stick figures of you and I on a hillside
Stick figures of you and me, don’t you agree?
We would make the best team
Better than the ’96 Bulls ever were
Jordan, Rodman, and Pippen
Wouldn’t have known what had hit them

I hear my door doorbell ring and it’s you outside
With tears in your eyes from your late night drive
I know you’re scared and so am I
But I think that’s a sign we’re worth a try
And I wrote it down instead
All the things that night I couldn’t say

I think we are what we’ve been waiting for

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