NOFX – Stickin’ in My Eye (Ska-Punk Cover) – Mates Series


Here is the second video in the ‘Mates Series’, where I get a bunch of different mates from different bands in to work on a track and mess around with it for a bit of fun. This one is a ska-punk cover of NOFX’s ’Stickin’ in My Eye’ from their 1992 release ‘White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean’:

Bass/Guitar/Vocals: Roger Lima (Less Than Jake / Rehasher)
Horns: Buddy Schaub and Peter “JR” Wasilewski (Less Than Jake)
Backup Vocals: Chris Duke and the Royals (Peg Duker, Ceeds Duker, Andy McDougall & Ash Wilderink)

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Ceeds: @ceedeeceeds
Ash: @mswilderink
Andy: @andypant

Instagram and Twitter: kyesmith_

Guitar, bass and horns recorded by Roger Lima at Moathouse Recording Studio
Drums and Roger’s Vocals recorded by Kye Smith
Backups recorded by Chris Duke and the Royals
Audio mixed by Michael Ferfoglia
Video edited by Kye Smith

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