Qualia – The Long Pause


The Long Pause
by Qualia and the Five Ancestors of the Great Maryland Kingdom
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Recorded and mixed by Petros „Dusty“ Vinakos at Destiny Studio.
Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Studios.


Written, directed and edited by Periklis Ktonas.
Lighting, special effects, troubleshooting by Nikos Tsamasiros.
Special thanks to: Alex Papalexandris, Dimitris Zikos, Vasilis Bitsos, Manolis Rerres, Mustaine, Dimitris Vlon, Nick Tsolis, Emmanouil Papalexandris, Christos Kritikos, Electra Pangalou, Pavlos Sakellaridis, Pantelis Pilavios, Marion, Ilaeira Misirliadi, Tzwrtzhs Papastathopoulos, Orfeas Kwnstantopoulos, Markella Zormpa, Giorgos Bletsos, Zoe Kravvariti


A morning coffee with Ms. Routine
Making my day much more dependent
I see you’re a little introverted but in a bad way
I see you’re a little distant these days

Silence controls what I can’t confront
And I can’t control what silence confronts
Silence controls what I can’t afford

I cannot comprehend this whole institution
Of getting fucked in the ass for cash
Mondays suck and so does your job
I know you’d wish
To be outside and feel alive just for a bit
Let the sun caress your cracked and weathered skin
Time to let go

Take away my joy to find the time to realise this is pointless
Do you really think your daily plan represents your mental compass?

Am I going crazy? Are they all too lazy
Τo just understand that this is a joke?
Am I going crazy? Packing it up and going to the sea
Am I still so crazy? I think that I am going crazy
I give up
Am I growing lazy? I’m stepping out of the game
A renegade. The rhythm freak without a peak

Get me out of this equation
I do not belong with all the rest
Find the problem just to feel smart
Αnd now drown inside your malcontent

And I succumbed to it at last
I saw myself in that hourglass
At least I did my best to be honest and true
You see when you get distracted
Υou never really have the time to think of it
Ms. Routine I beg you can you keep everything the way it is?

Changing perspectives, climbing the ladder
Everything you’ll know, a gun to your brain

A morning coffee with your self esteem
(Get fucking down!)
The lost and found seem so dependent, so dependent
The unpredicted that soothes my whole being
(Now get up!)
Zero patience for their power game

I know you’re in there somewhere
You’ve let your body become the prison of your mind
Was it worth it again?
Now that you buried the answers you hoped to find

Ashes. Gold. A memory gone
I can’t believe you refused to go on
Was it all a story untold?
Cause I don’t like telling your story anymore

I know you’re in there somewhere
I know you’re in there, I know you’re in there
Tell me honestly friend
Can you wake the fuck up?
Just wake up, just wake up!

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