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I’m tired of compromise.
I tried to get through to you,
But your walls are too thick,
And everything I throw,
Just comes back again.
I tried to talk to myself,
But the words don’t mean a thing,
When my head tells my heart,
There’s no bargaining.
Feels like you’re made of stone,
And I’m just skin and bone,
A live reminder that,
I wasn’t enough for you.
I tried to disengage,
I tore myself a new page,
And told myself,
That I still wasn’t enough for you.
Get some perspective,
And think before you speak next time,
Less overreacting,
You were blind, I was fine,
I thought you’d see that in time.
I was always there,
And you were always listening,
Or so it seemed.
We’ve never seen eye to eye.
This is a wake-up call,
For every single morning,
You’ve had me crawling back.
And If I start again,
I know I’ll be much better,
But better isn’t what I had.
Forgive me for stepping out of my place,
You were the only one left with a smile on your face.
When I was low and in deep,
You found it in me.
All I wanted was an honest reaction,
Just to get some peace of mind.
If I told you what it meant,
Would it make any difference?
This was for you.

Ian Sadler @ Emeline Studios – Mixing & Mastering
Director – Elliott Ingham
Instagram: @elliottxingham
Twitter: @ElliottIngham

Director of Photography – Zack Lower
Cinematographer – Tey Devenny

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