Short Reports – Standoff


Artist: Short Reports
Album: Cats VS Dogs
Release date: 2022.
Drums: Fehér Nikolette
Guitar/vox: Velimirović Nemanja
Recorded in: Studio Trkulja, Novi Sad
Video recording: Besenyi Árpád
Video editing: Short Reports/Shock Room Studio
Photo: Besenyi Árpád
Sound Recording: Know How Production (Grujica & Ivica Bibin)
Sound Editing: Velimirović Nemanja
Sound Mastering: Draško Popović
Thanks to: Besenyi Árpád, Prljava Frekvencija, Grizete, Ivana Antić, Fehér Csongor, Grujica Bibin.

All Rights Reserved – Short Reports


You will say anything…
And you will lose control
Sticky thoughts in the night we’re through
I can love everything
I can love anyone
Until last breathe we’re passing thru

I’m aware of
I’m your „standoff“
And I just fuck up
When I’m with you

It will last ’till I’m gone
You do not need anyone
Silver bullet and the mighty flu
I can fix everything
I can fuck anyone
I’m so tired, and It’s up to you…

I’m aware of
I’m your „standoff“
I just fuck up
When I’m with you

I’m fallin’ … down without warning…

I’m aware of
I’m your „standoff“
I just fuck up
When I’m with you
I’m a weirdo without a libido
I just listen
When I’m with you.

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