Technicolor Lies – Air Max


the first single from the upcoming debut LP by Technicolor Lies

video shot, directed and edited by Stefan Veličković
assistant directors: Nevena Bakić, Lee Filipovski

drums for the song recorded @ Down There Studio by Uroš Milkić
guitars, bass and vocals recorded by Mihajlo Đorović
mixed & mastered by Mihajlo Đorović

available on major digital services for download and stream:

free dl:

thanks to all the people that helped us shoot the video / hvala svim ljudima koji su nam izašli u susret i na bilo koji način doprineli snimanju ovog spota

contact and other info:


I heard the voices in my head
Had the feeling
Now the feeling’s gone away

What you eat is what you are
I ate shit I’ll never be a superstar

I regret for all the things that I have said
And all the things that I have bled for

I regret for all the choices i have made
And all the fights that I have fled from
I regret

Wake up and smell the roses
Sky frowns and says repent,
She says repent

I am ready to stop, drop dead
Just say when
I will blend, I will bend
I will blend..

There is no truth under the skin
And perseverance has never been my thing
Among some other things

If all my thoughts are beautiful
And all the tits are there as well
Then I’m the one who’ll jump into the well

Oh well, so what
I am gratefull to be numb
Maybe I’m immature
Maybe you’re so very numb

Oooh well, so what
I’m so thankfull to be dumb
Maybe I’ll never come
Maybe I’ll never…

Light is burning in your room
I guess you got things to do
Seasons came and seasons went
You try to remember, you try to forget

Let me in your life
Let me be you for a change
Let me in your life
Let me dig inside that trench

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