The Lawrence Arms – „Ghostwriter“


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„Ghostwriter“ by The Lawrence Arms from the album ‘Skeleton Coast,’ available now
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Video by Ben Pier

All songs written by The Lawrence Arms

Skeleton Coast was recorded January/February 2020 at Sonic Ranch on the Texas/Mexico border
Produced and Engineered by Matt “We doin’ pseudonyms on this record? No nicknames for me, please” Allison
Assisted by Mauro Castro and David Carreon


I drove the highways of a skeleton coast
Salt and sea, tapped mysteries into the keys
I wrote an opus of distorted truths
A symphony to crashing waves of victory

I am a ghostwriter
Pretend I am forever young
I bleed every ribbon dry
Waiting for my day to come

Tamerlane, my poor soul in a last refrain
An endless storm rattles on my windowpane
Creaking floors, lost voices of a thousand wars
The fire roars

How long can we sing the same old tired songs?
How long can we tread water?
The shore is only getting smaller


#thelawrencearms #skeletoncoast #epitaph

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