The Octopussys – Tonight (Official Videoclip)

The Octopussys – Tonight (Official Videoclip)
From the album Face The World (Funtime Records; 2011)

I know you’ve been down these past few days
It’s been a while since we have seen your face
It’s not good for you to be alone
We are going out, no point in staying home

Forget ’bout all that you’ve been through
No time to sulk or moan or be depressed
Tonight is all ’bout having fun

Raise your glass, let’s party on
Tomorrow’s still too far ahead
Let’s have another one
Don’t think twice ’bout what’s to come
Tonight your biggest challenge will be
paying the next round

You’ve been facing demons long enough
Feeling sorry for yourself is not
The solution to resolve what’s wrong
This is the first day of the rest of your life

It may seem through your eyes
That your life is over
Look around, you’ll find out
You’re just getting older

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