The Story So Far – If I Fall


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Directed by: Eric Soucy
Produced by: Eric Soucy

Director of Photography: Ian Hurdle
Edited by: Anthony Miralles
Colored by: Natasha Wong
Special thanks to: Robert Soucy and Sho Mitsui

„If I Fall“ lyrics

Clear your head, so self-centered
Yet you’re very well read
Leave your bed, all that oil gonna kill you dead
Got my check, lost my center in a deep mud debt
I know you’re upset I’ll stop it, I’ll quit

My choices let down
Some of my closest people
But I’m gaining back ground
And forcing myself to get better by fall
Will you be there if I fall?

I never seem to have it in line
I don’t think you’ve ever seen me fine
Give me space make me pace let me whine
Saving face at the cost of what I owe
Getting big watch the clock where’d the time go
Cut it short when I’m scared of what I can’t grow
All these loose ends that I can’t sew
What do I care, what do you know

I’m sick of all the wack shit you’re getting into
Think I’ll bounce, I gotta go
I’m stuck inside a place where I can’t love you
You feel the vibe, I think you know
There’s not a single place that I can go to
Without noise that I chose
I’m stuck inside and my stomach’s throwing up now
From yellow pills and purple glow

Hold me down, help me drown

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