Belmont – Pushing Daisies


„Pushing Daisies“ from Belmont’s self-titled LP, available now!

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Deep beneath my skin I felt the change of pace as all the walls began to spin. I said I wasn’t sure, there’s a lot I never say cuz it just gets in the way of me and any bit of work that I might have found myself to gain, deceased.
Switched up don’t wait up, I’m sick and tired of this bad luck won’t let up.
I’m pushing daisies just to slow down and not drown.
My feet are kicking but it’s no use I’m seduced by my own self abuse.
Kept loosely tied, I’m looking for what I can’t find even though it’s hung in front of my eyes for this long.
I’m too busy looking in the places that I’ll never belong, dead wrong, losing out on the win cuz I’ve been headstrong.

Directed by Alex Zarek

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