Between You & Me – Friends From ’96


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The official video for Between You & Me’s single „Friends from ’96,“ off their new album ‘Everything Is Temporary,’ available July 13th on Hopeless Records!

Director: Jay Wennington


The sunlight hits my eyes through the glass that lays in between and this air seems colder than it used to be.
As i look out the window, I feel disconnected from everyone who said they’d always be there.

Is there anyone out there that still gives a damn?
Who kept common interest and cared?
Never thought that I’d be here; I just miss my friends from ‘96.

As I sat there alone, I still remember a cold afternoon replayed in my head.
As I look out the window of my train to the city, the memories come flooding back.
It’s hard for me. It’s filling my head.

Just a picture to show all the times that we had and I’ll keep it framed in my head.
Surely you miss me? At least just pretend, for the sake of old friends.
Never thought that I’d be here.

Watched you drift away.
Was it too hard to stay?
Your ship set sail but I’m still here.

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