CF98 – Dead Inside


First single out of upcoming EP with the same title via Sound Speed Records!

🧮 197 videos sent by our friends from all over the world are used in this music video + ours!
Video edit: Mateusz Delma Delmański

CF98 is:
Karolina vocal
Mateusz guitar
Michał bass
Adrian drums

💽 Record info:
Dead Inside EP was written by CF98 during winter 19/20.
Produced by Ishay Berger and CF98
Studio engineers Piotr Haldor and Kim Teglund
Vocal engineer: Kim Teglund / Sore Sounds
Mix and mastering Piotr Haldor / Satanic Audio
Recorded at Monochrom Studio in March 2020.

Don’t ask me how the hell we all got here
With this state of mind like we just don’t feel a thing
I feel you far away as you are next to me
Now going through the same shit it’s the only thing we’ve got

Trying to hold on when the world is on fire
Keep your distance that’s how you survive

With empty eyes, fully alive
We are a little dead inside
We don’t care that you don’t care
We feel deeaper than you think
But we are a little, just a little dead inside

So hold my hand as I’m checking what’s real
And why the only time you see me is when I fail, I feel
It might be ok to pretend it’s fine
My loneliness created me, it will fix me in time
Trying to hold on, our the world is on fire

Keep your distance that’s how we survive
With empty eyes…

We are smiling
Cause we don’t know
What to say, yeah yeah

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