CF98 – Shortball


IG: @cf98band
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VIDEO made and edited by Piotrek Pluciński, created also thanks to fuckin great video crew: Bartosz Łappo, Artur Kondas, Szymon Kurzyk, Piotrek Gryszka.

Tittle lettering by Ewelina Pulka

Big thanks to Kahaki bikes crew for bikes used in this video

After making this video we cleaned up our trash.

CF98 – Shortball


How much time we need to spend
Wondering what are the rules of life?
How much time we need to waste
Thinking what will pay off good enough?

It’s as simple as it gets, like night follows day
Love what you do, cause what you do will love you back!
That’s all folks, I’m done
Love what you do cause what you do will love you back!

Record Label:
Recorded, mixed, and mastered @ Mustache Ministry Studio

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