DRAWBACKS – From the Cradle to the Grave


After more than 20 years, original Drawbacks line up gathered to perform some shows together. It felt great, gigs were awesome, so it was a pretty natural move for us to try to write & record some new music. That’s how we always did it in the old days – write/record/play process on repeat. So here it is, “From The Cradle To The Grave” is born last year. Written and recorded. We were filming our every move in all the studios we worked at. Final mix and master were done 2 months ago. Video is finished couple ‘o days ago. DIY. Hard Core Punk all the way. Enjoy!


Don’t look back, have no fear
Stand proud & sincere

For us it was never a trend
We’ll play this game to the very end

Dedicated, all these years
No step back, no fuckin’ gimmicks

Some were playing for a moment of glory
We were sharing some real fuckin’ stories

Acting like a snitchin’ rat
Fake smiles, talk behind a back
Your whole life just a fuckin’ pose
While we were hustlin’ some real hard core

Recognize, it’s V.P.H.C.
Outlaws, street dogs, no room for wannabe’s
You can’t stop it, its the air we breath
We’re born to lose, but we will fight to win

For all the people still down with us
We got Ya back no matter what
From the cradle to the fuckin’ grave
It’s Drawbacks baby, we’re here to stay

Now You know what is all about
We grind this shit, a force You can never stop
Like a machine built to last
Always giving our very best

Drums recorded at “Hokey” studios Aranđelovac. Engineered by Ivan Hočevar.
All the guitars recorded at “Dreamweaver” studios. Engineered by Slobodan Đukić aka Jimi Triple B.
All the vocals recorded at “Sick Touch” studios. Engineered by Vladimir Krkljuš aka Mr. K.
Mixed by Ivan Hočevar at “Hokey” studios.
Mastered by Vladimir Krkljuš aka Mr. K at “Sick Touch” studios.
Music and lyrics by Slobodan Đukić.

Video shots by Mališa Stojanović, Predrag Spasojević, Slobodan Đukić and Vasil Vasev.
Video edit and concept by Mališa Stojanović.

Aleksandar Popovski aka Pop – lead vocals
Slobodan Đukić aka Jimi Triple B – guitars, backing vocals
Mališa Stojanović – guitars, backing vocals
Saša Đorđević – bass
Miloš Dilkić aka Dilka – drums, backing vocals

Big support on backing vocals by our brothers: Dragan “Lala” Vitas, Marko Jovanović and Vasil Vasev.




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