Eighteen Visions – Underneath My Gun


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There is no mercy for what youʼve done. And no forgiveness underneath my gun. And it was only just a matter of time until I killed your pride. Buried by the look in my eyes. And you canʼt take away what you donʼt own. And you donʼt own me I thought you should know. You donʼt own me. I know the darkness. Iʼve broken bones. Iʼve been to hell and back, but didnʼt lose my soul. Yeah you couldnʼt strike me down. Yeah I stand above you now. How does it feel?

Directed by Michael R. Garcia & Michael Elinn of The Widow Brothers
Director of Photography – Michael Sheehy
Gaffer – Spencer Wider
Production Assistant – Tyler Herrera
Production Assistant – Cameron Miller
Makeup Dept. Head – Sioux Sinclair
Makeup Artist – Quentin Cifelli
Rowdy Hero – Andy Williams

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