Emmure – Thunder Mouth


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Written and Directed by
Frankie Nasso

Produced by
Frankie Nasso
Nittaya Sergerie
And Mathieu Caron

Executive Producers
Frankie Palmeri
Shawn Keith

Art Director
Mathieu Caron

Character Designer and Illustrator
Nittaya Sergerie

Motion Designer
Peter Donda

Titles and Finishing
Jaclyn Cataldi

Animation Consultant
Cynthia Ma

You wanna hear about the ups and downs and things that may be.
How they fall apart.
But anything profound that I might say it will be ignored, forgotten.
So who even gives a fuck?
Bet your ass that you fucking know I don’t.
I know.You know.
There is nothing you can take from me.
I am eternal.
All that is and whatever will be.
You already crucified your so called savior.
So it figures you tear me down it is your learned behavior.
You deserve no gods.


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