Fastloud – Wrong Drunk Fight


Wrong Drunk Fight is a single released on April 2018, by Fastloud. A music video with images from the Walkman ReTour.

Thanks to everyone who helped us and who shared with us any moment (or beer) during our first tour. This song is for all of you!



4 a.m. Barcelona’s night, music seems to be flying on the dark sky,
I’m not alone but you are not with me on this wrong drunk fight,
my back is heavier than it was yesterday and I want my freedom to be mine.
I’m tired of my face right now, and my personality weights too much and my pride is not gonna find me.
Show me what’s right in me, my mind thinks I’m melting under this moonlight and
can’t see my fucking way back
Frustrations about decisions want to kill my mind, but I’m not gonna be here.
Memories of what I’ve been and I’ve done remember me that I can be better.
Probably when you arrive I’m gone.
Probably when you arrive I’m so far and full of eagerness.
4 a.m. Barcelona’s night, one more song is sounding far through the woods and I can’t wait
more to shout it.
This is my time to ask how can I escape from this room without a light, because I want myfreedom to be mine.

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