Forgotten Scream – Beyond The Horizon


Beyond the Horizon was written while we were still recording our first album “Changes”. Inspired by the band Architects and the composing style of the late Tom Searle, we wanted to pay tribute to one of our role models.
The lyrics are about how life is like the sea, sometimes peaceful, sometimes chaotic. It’s about how we can never know our destiny, see the future, never see beyond the horizon. So it is important to focus on what is now, learn to swim with the waves.
With this song we are announcing our second album “Hourglass” whose 13 songs you will be able to hear in the summer, we are currently in the recording phase, but definitely expect more stuff from us.
We hope you like it,
❤ FS Family


Bewildered, by the ache inside my soul,
Is there something I should have known?
Confusion, it haunted me for so long
I don’t know where my heart belongs

And every single day, its further away
I travel all this distance in vain

I wish I could see beyond the horizon, to find a meaning
Restless i wait, to witness a new dawn, to calm this feeling
And release this anguish

Misguided, am I on the righteous path
Or is this the aftermath?
Resolution, I’m afraid I don’t have a choice
Destiny waits no more

And every single night, I’m looking for sing
I linger as the seconds pass by

The tide is turning so sail away
There’s no more reasons for me to stay
I’m still unsure of the waves I chose
A chapter begins as the old ones close

Video and graphic production by Forgotten Scream
Music recorded by Forgotten Scream
Mix&Master by Sava Tomic and Aleksandar Velikinac in Studio Piranha


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