Forgotten Scream – Solace (Official Playthrough Video)


Solace is the fourth and final single before the release of our second album „Hourglass“ this is about finding peace within yourself, finding ways to accept your faults to be a person in the end, sometimes you have to listen to the little voice in your head, sometimes you just have to ignore it. We hope you have as much fun listening to this song as we do playing it.
Lots of love
FS family


It may be late for apologies
The deed is done as far as I can see
You’ll regret all the choices made
But I won’t take back one single word I’ve said

Why are you shaking now?
Are you afraid to lose your ground?
The calling is louder somehow
Never to be unbound

Close your eyes
Let of go of the pain that you try to hide
No more lies
Believing that solace you can find

As you lie awake, you keep seeking what is pure
You don’t know which move to make, how much more can you endure?

It doesn’t matter who crossed the line
You’ve done your worst but so did I
Have you ever stopped to check your mind?
Maybe there’s a reason on the other side

Justice approaches now
Is it clear inside your head?
Can’t you just take a bow?
Are you too proud in where you stand?

Hold on to, the path you take and let it
Guide you through, find a light to follow
Hold on to, the path you take and let it
Guide you through, find a light to follow
Cut away, the strings that hold you back
So you can wipe out, the things that made you hollow

Music, video and graphic production by Forgotten Scream
Mixing and mastering by Recording Studio Piranha


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