Hopesfall – Bradley Fighting Vehicle


„Bradley Fighting Vehicle“ is from Hopesfall’s new album, Arbiter, out now. Buy/Stream at http://hopesfall.lnk.to/arbiter



Directed by Tom Flynn, Edited by Tom Flynn & Mike Watts

You hear that hovering
What’s a planet to a moon
Never been there
Insightful but commanded Mavericks live a life of danger On a horizon
Pacifist for honor
Never been there
Didn’t know
Your moment is later
Massacres never seem to find or correct their error
A horizon
I’m in a fighting vehicle
Plague vs. rebel and we’re waiting
A way home is back there
Is there something out there
Is there some place
Is there somewhere
We’ve been told, past Neptune
The insight in your days ahead
That there’s something up there
Something out there, up there, somewhere
Staring at the sky for years
Seem to hold a place unknown to all
Insightful but commanded
Too bold to act alone
They don’t seem to know
That in the whites of their eyes you’ll see
Reasons unknown
Which legion to fight for
At the height of revolt
With what we know
And so it goes
What progression is unjust with what we know
We think we saw you
A cult revival
What goes into it
An image of my own

#Hopesfall #Arbiter

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