Abandoned By Bears – Greyscale


Abandoned By Bears „Greyscale“ is from the album, Headstorm, available now.

Order/Stream: http://smarturl.it/headstorm



I expected nothing less from you
And even after all the years
You’re still having trouble to overcome your fears
I really got nothing left to say
So now stay the fuck away

We’ll back the fuck up your in my fucking way
I’ve gone astray
Ever since you came so close to me
I need you to pick it all up make this thing stop
Make sure that you never set your foot here again

I’m running out of patience
And I’m so close to losing all control
And I made up my mind
For the very last time

The world will stop spinning
Before you get my sympathy
And there’s nothing left to say
I just hope you decay

The pain and ache you put me through
It was never worth anything
You made me break and bend and nothing that you said mattered in the end

Directed By Abandoned By Bears
Mix and master: Buster Odeholm

© Victory Records 2018

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